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Estonian language e-course

“Keeleklikk” (“The Tongue Click”) grew out of the nescessity to provide better Estonian-learning tools for the Russian-speaking locals. The further goal is to give people better chances in the job market and in the public life in general – by bringing the language learning right at their homes. Now the course is available for English-speaking people as well.

The first challenge in the course development was how to make the mandatory language training more appealing to the learners. We found our way in friendly comedy. The interactive exercises, cheerful videos and animated sketches effortlessly guide the learner from uttering the first words to the certainty of a language skill.
The course is being developed in collaboration with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and receives funding from the European social fund.

“Keeleklikk” has received an award from the Ministry of Education and Science, and also the European Commission’s Award for Contributions to the Development of Foreign Language Teaching.

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Haukeland University Hospital (animation)

Sometimes it is required to ask people to do things which are unpleasant, but important for their health. How to approach people in the right way? The staff at HELSE BERGEN HF Haukeland University Hospital was faced with exactly such a challenge when working on a research project which maps hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in Norway.

This anima film was produced in order to explain what the congenital gene defect – usually found in BRCA1 or BRCA2 – or hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (as it is commonly known) means, and to emphasise how important it is to participate in the Haukeland University Hospital study.

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Communication (e-course)

Why won’t they listen to you? Why won’t they ever follow your directions? Why do they misinterpret you over and over again?

Such are the questions we address in this course. We take a look at how communication might function under ideal conditions – and see how it functions in real life. We discover how meanings go far beyond mere words and how making sense of something requires more than just the senses. We learn how to notice and harness communication’s most powerful function – to create and maintain the connection between people.

This is the second course in the leadership and human resource series, accompanied by “Coaching” and “Stress less, achieve more”. We developed these courses in collaboration with the top experts in the field

The course is in English and Norwegian.


Hse-Courses (e-courses)

Safety in the workplace is a top priority for industry. One of the world’s leading countries in safety in the workplace is Norway. No person can commence employment unless they have completed a safety course, and large businesses take pride in documentation on their notice boards showing how much time has elapsed since the last occupational accident.

There is a variety of businesses which operate in these areas, and thus there are different needs and requirements for the safety courses. A good safety course is like a tailored suit – in case it was made using someone else’s measurements, it won’t fit well. For that reason we take into consideration each company’s specific circumstances and find a solution that suits the company’s needs.

We have created courses for – and are continuously co-operating with – large Norwegian international companies which have thousands of employees, such as Kværner, Kongsberg, Havyard, Aibel, Apply Leirvik, Sør-Norge Aluminium AS (Søral).

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FSE – electrical safety during offshore low-voltage works (e-course)

In cartoons, electricity seems to be a great source of fun! In real life, however, getting a jolt is far from funny. In order to avoid harm caused by electrical current it is important to take great care when working with anything that uses electricity. Fortunately we have plenty of experience which provides is with knowledge we can use to form rules and regulations regarding electricity.

FSE is the electrical safety regulations manual of Norway. In this course we examine why and how these regulations have been created, how they help prevent hazards, and how to choose an appropriate emergency response. This course helps electricians to learn to work more safely.

Altogether we have 6 FSE courses available. These are useful for employees who work with high or low voltage, onshore or offshore. In order to convey the course content most efficiently, our courses are available in 5 different languages: English, Estonian, Norwegian, Polish, and Russian.

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MS Office 2010 collection (e-course)

The best way to learn something is by doing. On the other hand, it might be difficult to get started and keep going alone and without any basic knowledge. This holds especially true in the digital world. Such is the mindset for our Office 2010 courses. The programs react “like real life” but they stay on the path we designed. We guide and the users actually do all the things they learn. The Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook tutorials make it possible to get started with Office as well as learn new tricks. The courses are in English and Norwegian.

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ExBasic – explosion prevention for Norwegian industry (e-course)

Explosions are so cool in the movies!

In real life, however, we want people to get home alive and in one piece. Work in factories, gas stations, workshops and oilrigs mean constant exposure to flammable and explosive substances. The workers must therefore know exactly how hazards work and how to be protected against them.

In this course we take a thorough look at a field that involves extreme precision and responsibility: the safety of electrical works that take place in explosion-hazardous areas. To create the course content, we collaborated with an expert who conducts electrical works on an oil rig himself and who also trains others in safety. He helped us explain how the various methods and tools protect people and what the basic principles are behind safety rules.

We are truly proud of this course and know that each grain of knowledge gleaned from it will make the world a safer place. A very special acknowledgment of our skills is that many Norwegian companies have chosen to take this course instead of the traditional classroom-courses.

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OpenOffice tutorial (e-course)

OpenOffice isn’t just any other Office. For starters, it is free. And then there are the little differences. But learning is still most efficient when doing. This tutorial examines three OpenOffice programs – Writer, Calc and Impress. We go through the essential functions step by step, moving from beginner tasks to more advanced challenges.

The tutorial is in English and Norwegian.

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MS Office 2007 collection (e-course)

The best way to learn something is by doing. On the other hand, it might be difficult to get started and keep going alone and without basic knowledge. This holds especially true in the digital world. Such is the mindset for our Office 2007 courses. The programs react “like real life” but they stay on the path we designed. We guide and the users actually do all the things they learn. The Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook tutorials make it possible to get started with Office as well as learn new tricks. The courses are in English and Norwegian.

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ICT junior – computer tutorial for Norwegian schoolchildren (e-course)

It’s not that hard to get children to use computers. We want them to learn how to make spreadsheets and … hold on, Junior, what’s the rush now? Oh well, it is not quite that easy to keep children learning what we would like them to. Better let them try out those things themselves. Even better, lets have some animals keep them company and help navigate the programs. This is how we made the course where the programs function “like real” and the environment is playful. The course is aimed at Norwegian elementary students.

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LibreOffice (e-course)

The best way to learn to use something is to practice using it. It is, however, quite challenging to get started without any basic knowledge, especially when it comes to the digital world. We have born this in mind when creating our LibreOffice course. The programmes start and run as if it is for real, but are actually limited to experimenting only. Our teacher will give you guidelines to get started, and then you work through the programmes on your own. The Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and Math programmes of the LibreOffice course are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The course is in Estonian.

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Crazy stage (game)

The expression “all the world’s a stage and we’re actors on it” by William Shakespeare is no longer just a literary phrase – now each and every one of us can be an actor.

Den Nasjonale Scene is the oldest operating theatre in Norway. By combining both traditional and modern approach, the DNS has created an interactive and inventive tool for those visiting the theatre’s webpage. The visitors are given an opportunity to create their own plays using animation, different characters, and audio. This digital theatre-game was developed by Chiron Media AS.

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Kultuuriklikk (e-course)

Learning a language without delving into the culture of the people who speak that language is a bit pointless. That is why we have created a course which enables you to learn Estonian through exploring Estonian culture.

Do you know why Estonians sing all the time, what is flummery and how Estonians became who they are today? If not, check it out!

We’ve created an e-course designed to introduce you Estonian history and culture, and to support independent learning of the Estonian language on B level. The programme consists of 24 videos, 13 of which reflect Estonia’s history and 11 of which deal with contemporary topics. There are also exercises which help you remember what you have learned. Videos contain historical and cultural talks and animations. The talks are given by the renowned Estonian scholar and folklorist Marju Kõivupuu who has many exciting stories about a variety of cultural phenomena as well as facts about Estonians. We have also added a dictionary, exciting animations to illustrate the lectures and exercises, and comments. Our comments will explain the language used in the videos as well as different cultural phenomena, and will appear on the screen so that you can benefit from the lectures.

Our e-course will help you understand why Estonians are just who they are. What they eat, what they read, and what they cherish. If you want to know why all Estonians know the quote ” When Arno and his father arrived at the schoolhouse, classes had already started. “, what does ” ossi võtma” mean, or who is pharmacist Melchior, then this e-course is just for you!

This project was financed by the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the Integration and Migration Foundation “Our People”, and the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals.

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Career counselling and jobseeking (e-course)

The best of the best gathered around to give some good counsel. Tiina Saar, a renowned Estonian career counsellor, wrote the content. She also brought along a posse of experts as guest performers.

To realise the concept we summoned a team of illustrators and animators, among them one of the coolest local comic strip artists, Joonas Sildre. This was one of the biggest projects we have ever handled – we completed around five-and-half hours of animations and video in less than a year. Another achievement was making the great collection of interactive exercises and the tool to save them in a user portfolio.

The course is in Estonian and Russian, and free of charge. The project received funding from the European Social Fund and Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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Employmnet Contract Act (e-course)

This free-of-charge e-handbook explains the new Employmnet Contract Act. Our task was to unravel the legal jumble into clear points in plain language and convey them to the user verbally, as well as visually.

The result shows a colourful environment where vibrant animated characters go about their business on the legislation landscape. There is the slightly officious Employer who always has a calculator and a hand-stamp in her purse; the fearless Employee who is the Jack of a dozen trades above and below ground, water and air; the sideburned Competitor in his suede suit; the Inspector whipping out a magnifying glass and book of regulations; not to mention the countless co-workers, offspring and livestock. Getting to know a law has never before been so easy and exciting.

We made the handbook in collaboration with the Estonian Trade Union Confederation. The project received funding from the European social fund.

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Estonian Forestry Association (animation)

Learning is such fun! It does not have to be boring at all. There are many wonderful ways to acquire knowledge, and one of them is via stories. For example, we can learn many interesting things about the building of log houses, and how it takes a lot of people to work on them in order to turn the dream into reality. This educational anima film which we made for the Estonian Forestry Association, is exactly about these topics.

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Estonian Forestry Association (animation)

Learning is such fun! It does not have to be at all boring. There are many wonderful ways to acquire knowledge, and one of them is learning via stories. For example, when watching this educational anima film which was made for the Estonian Forestry Association, we can learn many interesting things about the history of Estonian forests, how they have been cherished throughout the history, and how the forested areas have changed over time.

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Work Permit and Safe Job Analysis (WP & SJA)

This course is a basic course that is developed for those who work in an industrial setting, and who needs to be informed about work permits – or WP’s, and Safe Job Analyses – or SJA for short. This relates to a number of positions and work processes, so it is important that everyone involved are informed about why and how these tasks are to be performed. Work permits and the Safe Job Analyses are the two most important tools for identifying and managing risk in the workplace. Correct use of these tools help ensure that the work is carried out in a safe and secure manner.

The course will cover themes such as when to implement WP and SJA processes, who are to be involved in the WP, and SJA processes, how to complete the processes. In the course we will also identify different roles relating to these processes, and go through the paper work step by step.

This course has a “briefcase” where the different forms and regulations that one may need in everyday work situations can be found. The participant will be asked to solve some problems along the way. This is to keep one active in the learning process, and also to ensure that the participant is learning what is needed along the way, to be prepared for the exam.

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HMS for leaders (e-course)

All employers are responsible for ensuring that the employees’ work follows the HSE guidelines. This course will provide an introduction to HSE management. The course is designed bearing in mind the current legal regulations in Norway. The topics of the course are as follows: the work environment, the importance of HSE management, current laws and regulations in Norway, practical information. In addition you will be given easy access to important information and paragraphs in legal documents regarding this subject.

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Course on fall protection (e-course)

Approximately 15-20% of fatal accidents in the workplace occur due to falling – and not necessarily from a great height, but often from quite a low height. When the distance from the ground is not clear and the chances of injury seem low, then a fall can be very dangerous indeed.

There are various kinds of safety equipment, and many regulations and guidelines on how to avoid injuries when falling, but how to make the right choice?
This course focuses on these very issues and helps you to make the right decisions to ensure safety when working at height.

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Introduction to Rigging (e-course)

When one is dealing with heavy loads, for example in rigging, then there is a great risk of accidents. In order to avoid dangerous situations, it is crucial to have a good understanding of rigging.

This course is aimed at people work in industrial rigging or in an area where rigs are being constructed. Throughout the course you will learn how to construct a rig in a safe and secure manner, and how to choose the tools for carrying out lifting operations. In addition, you will learn about various types of lifting equipment, and what kind of standards these have to meet.

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Theory Altitude Tent (e-course)

What is an altitude tent and how is it used? This course provides information about altitude tents. It gives instructions on how to construct an altitude tent, and it also offers a lot of information about the different components such as gas detector, fan, vent, sensors, alarm board, and pressure sensors.
You’ll also learn about maintenance and cleaning procedures.
This course is aimed at anyone who might work with altitude tents, and covers everything that is needed to know about altitude tents, whether the operator is a beginner or a more experienced user.

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Course on prevention of falling objects (e-course)

Every day we hear of work-related injuries caused by falling objects. Those types of accidents are particularly challenging when it comes to safety in the workplace. Studies have shown that work-related injuries caused by falling objects are directly linked to employees’ inattentive behaviour and lack of care when securing equipment. Despite numerous campaigns to raise awareness of this problem, and despite some positive short-term results, the main goal has not yet been achieved.

During this course you will learn how to prevent objects from falling and how to secure your tools, equipment, and materials. You will also learn about safety concerning bolted connections and get advice on how to secure fixed equipment when working at height.

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Coaching (e-course)

How to get a team to function well? How to set the ground rules? How can a commanding boss become an inspiring team leader instead?

In this course we take a tour in the back alleys of good leadership and teamwork and view the different aspects of the leader’s role. The tour takes place through animations, videos and exercises. This is the first course in the leadership and human resource series, followed by “Communication” and “Stress less, achieve more”. We developed these courses in collaboration with top experts in these fields

The course is in English and Norwegian.

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Stress less, achieve more (e-course)

Why do we even need stress? What is stress useful for? When is stress harmful? How can we recognize the harmful effects? How can we deal with those effects?

In this course we unravel all these questions. We examine how the body and mind work hand-in-hand to de-mystify stress-related processes. We hear useful tips for preventing and releasing excess pressure. Together we seek the path to balanced functioning between active and relaxed states.

This is the third course in the leadership and human resource series, accompanied by “Coaching” and “Communication”. We developed these courses in collaboration with the experts on the subjects.

The course is in English and Norwegian.

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Estonian for Estonian school (e-course)

Studying in your native language is definitely the most convenient and natural way for schoolchildren to learn. But there are many children going to Estonian schools who have different mother tongues. It is not in our power to educate all of them in their mother tongue. However, we can provide them with tools to help them manage better in the Estonian school environment. Teachers with years of experience with foreign-language students have compiled vocabulary, and from that we built an interactive dictionary and workbook environment. The material is suitable for middle school pupils regardless of their mother tongue. We practice to hear and see, read and write, connect and shuffle the words. The learners can navigate and repeat sections of the handbook as they please.

The handbook was supported by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals.

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You Choose: Life or death at work (e-course)

The course “You choose” is an example of our custom-made courses. It reviews how to safely operate forklift vehicles in a factory environment. Sør-Norge Aluminium AS is a large Norwegian company that produces aluminium billets. Their goal is to prevent all accidents and injuries. This means their staff of 400 people need constant training in their specialist skills as well as in general safety.

In the course, we present information in short videos. Each video demonstrates a forklift-related accident scenario, clearly showing specific hazards and their origins. After each scenario, the user practices removing those very hazards in interactive exercises. In the making of this course we had to follow the specific needs of the company and at the same time reflect on the strict safety culture prevalent in Norwegian industry in general.

The course is in Norwegian, English, Swedish and Icelandic.

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Advantec (company presentation)

Advantec supplies electro hydraulic control systems and Workover Control Systems for the international subsea market. They operate and service subsea instrumentation and hydraulics; rent instruments and equipment; offer testing, commissioning and operational support services. The company is run by specialists and has extremely high quality standards. Chiron Media has made a multimedia presentation that covers the products and services Advantec AS offers.

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FOM (company presentation)

In large-scale industry it is always useful to harness more of the smart solutions and less of the brute force. The smart solutions also result in extensive profits – decrease operational costs and excess management; increase production, quality and safety. Future Operations Management, FOM, develops Integrated Operations software solutions to steer and regulate work in oil fields. They compile customized work and resources management software according to the customer’s specific needs. After installing the system, they continue to consult and support the user.

Our task was to visualize FOM’s area of expertise and to present their management solution templates. We used an existing presentation foundation and fit the new content and illustrations into it.

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