We know how!

We know how to write and communicate in several languages – Norwegian, English and Estonian, for example. We know how to program in a number of languages – Flash, ActionScript, Java, PHP, HTML. We know how to create pictures, designs and animations. We know how to create professional photographic, video and audio material, and edit movies for maximum impact.

If there is anything that we are uncertain of, we ask our partners to help us out – educators, accountants, lawyers, executives, recording studios, actors, safety experts, engineers, career counselors, architects etc. We all come together to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

We care!

We care about people – yours as well as ours.

As we develop e-learning, we always keep in mind what kind of footprint we leave behind. We want the workers to return home safely after the day’s work; we wish to generally improve people’s lives by helping to improve their skills. We attempt to make a better world with each course we create.

We deliver!

We complete a learning solution to suit your goals and needs. We work side by side with your team all the way from defining the task to confirming the concept, from approving the media to completing the course. We do everything in our power to bring your message to your audience in an efficient manner.

Where can you find us?

Hydraco OÜ
Project leader Kai Timmusk
Phone +372 513 3278

Chironmedia online center